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If you are involved in a situation of domestic violence and need a protective order to defend yourself from your alleged abuser, we can help. As emotions run high and fears prevail, our protective orders attorney will develop a justified legal case that’s tailored to your situation and needs. We understand how frightening domestic violence incidents can be, as they seem impossible to escape unless a strict legal protective order is in place. We will utilize our impactful resources and knowledge to advocate for a strict legal solution to your safety and well-being.

What Is a Protective Order?

A protective order, also known as a restraining order, is a civil order that tells the abuser to:

  • Not abuse, harass, or disturb the peace of the victim or any member of the victim's household, in any place, public or private
  • Not contact the victim or any member of the victim's household, directly or indirectly
  • Not enter the property of the victim
  • Not destroy any of the victim's property

A protective order is granted to a domestic violence victim as well as a victim of sexual assault or stalking, including a child victim. Obtaining this order allows for:

  • Increased police responsiveness, which enables police to intervene before violence occurs
  • Speedy remedy and a lower burden of proof. Emergency protective orders can be issued ex parte, meaning without a hearing, based solely on the sworn statement of the victim
  • Comprehensive relief
  • No cost

How Our Protective Order Attorney Can Win Your Case

Judges regard our attorney as one of the most talented litigators in the Virginia Beach area for our passionate and innovative defense. Our team is dedicated to serving your case with high-caliber rigor and compassionate intent. Our protective order hearings attorney will apply dynamic litigation strategies to ensure your case is placed in front of a judge as soon as possible to provide you the relief you deserve.

Your trusted legal counsel at Top Tier Law Group will guide you every step of the way. We will:

  • Analyze your needs to decide the best-suited protective order for your safety
  • Prepare you for what you’ll experience before, during and after your hearing
  • Assist you in completing and filing your court forms
  • Serve, or designate a police officer to serve, your papers and post-court documents to the restrained person
  • Attempt to expedite your hearing to grant your protective order as soon as possible
  • Negotiate for the restrained person to pay your court fees and appropriate damage costs
  • Fight to extend your protective order to the highest means necessary to keep you and your family safe

In an overwhelming situation like this, it is crucial you obtain our legal counsel to ensure your protective order is administered, respected and obtains hard-hitting precision to prevent any other unforeseen problems in the future.

Our protective order hearings lawyer is just a phone call away. Call (757) 600-6321 or contact us online today.

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