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Family relationships are sensitive, especially when it comes to matters of child custody. We understand that the initial custody decision may not have been something you anticipated, nor something that was in your control. When a child is involved, the verdict ultimately depends on the well-being and safety of the child. Sometimes, however, child custody arrangements do not suffice, and the security of your child can be jeopardized under the initial arrangements. In these cases, you need our fast-acting emergency custody hearings attorney to help you establish full, temporary custody, especially if your child’s other parent is considered dangerous.

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Child Custody Services

Our firm is well-versed in representing child custody cases involving:

  • Joint Legal Custody: Both parents make equal decisions for the child, but the child often stays with one parent most of the time.
  • Joint Physical Custody: Both parents have equal time with the child and equal say over the child’s life.
  • Sole Custody: Only one parent is responsible for the child. The other parent often has visitation rights.

If a change in circumstances or behavior has put your child’s safety and well-being at risk, we can help you take action through an emergency custody hearing.

Successful Custody Hearings Utilize an Attorney

There are instances in which an emergency child custody hearing must take place. Our firm knows that life contains many unforeseen situations, and we extensively prepare for those times. If you believe your child is at risk within your current custody arrangements, we are prepared to advocate for the best outcome through an emergency custody hearing. Safety is a vital priority in these situations, and our child custody attorney is determined to craft a timely emergency resolution.

To give an overview of the process:

  • A parent (you) requests an emergency hearing, in which the emergency must involve a risk to the child’s safety
  • If approved, the court will quickly schedule a hearing requiring issue-related evidence from both parties
  • A judge will make a final decision regarding the temporary child custody order, effective until the expiration date or until a final order is administered
  • Your follow-up hearing will ensure that orders are being followed and, if no changes are to be made, a permanent decision may be finalized

In order to obtain an emergency hearing, a judge must feel as though your situation is truly urgent. That’s where our reputable attorney at Top tier Law Group comes in.

We Care About Your Child’s Future

Emergency child custody hearings are scary times for both parties, especially your child. What seems to be the final say of your child’s livelihood can easily change in light of unsettling circumstances, and our experienced attorney will fight to persuade a judge why an emergency custody hearing must take place.

We will:

  • Request your emergency hearing
  • Thoroughly explain why your child’s safety is at imminent risk
  • Provide hard-hitting evidence to support the notion that a new custody order is required to save your child from harm
  • If successful, we will fight to transform your temporary custody order to a permanent one within the same hearing
  • Advocate for child support fees to compensate for the damages they sustained, as well as for providing them a better life

Your child’s happiness is not only your priority, but ours too. Let’s work together to ensure your child does not have to withstand another custody hearing. Contact us at (757) 600-6321 today.

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