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  • Not Guilty After Trial Strangulation Jury Trial in Portsmouth Circuit Court

    Mr. Barnes was a deputy at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and was charged with Strangulation of an inmate. The incident was on video and the inmate testified at trial that he “blacked-out” as a result of the pressure applied to his neck by Deputy Barnes. We put on ample evidence to show that Mr. Barnes was acting in the course of his training with the Hampton Roads Regional Jail and was in fact defending himself from the inmate. The jury found Mr. Barnes Not Guilty.

  • Dismissed DWI 4th

    Dismissed due to technical evidentiary objections which prevented the Commonwealth Attorney from being able to establish an element of the offense. This case was a prime example of using a technicality to beat a case, a “loophole” if you will.

  • Charges Dismissed Robbery Appeal

    Argued at trial that client who took a bottle of mad dog 20/20 from the 7/11 and ended up in a physical altercation (started by security guard at 7/11) did not commit a robbery but rather a petit larceny with an accompanying assault and therefore is not guilty of robbery. Client was convicted by the Virginia Beach Circuit Court. The same argument was made on appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals who reversed the decision of the Circuit Court and ordered the charges against the client dismissed.

  • Not Guilty After Trial Assault and Battery and Destruction of Property Misdemeanors

    Cases were appealed to the Portsmouth Circuit Court. At trial client testified that he had been hired by “victims” to do work on their smart car. They believed he was taking too long so 3 of them (all over 350 lbs a piece) came up to his shop and attempted to remove the smart car (which was up on a jack at the time) from the premises without paying. My client was attacked by the two males while the female drove her van at my client screaming “make my day.” She hit my client with the van propelling him into the windshield of the smart car and breaking it. My client had also struck one of the males with a pole from the tire jack after that male had attempted to hit him with a tire iron. On the stand my client stated, “I had 1200 pounds of angry customer coming after me, what was I supposed to do but defend myself.” Jury found client not guilty of both offenses.

  • Charges Dismissed Burglary Bench Trial

    Client was accused of breaking into the home of his deceased sister and removing items from the home and selling them. Client was granted half of the property in the house pursuant to the deceased sisters will. Court held, you can not steal your own property, as half of the property in the house belonged to my client. The Court did state that he should be liable for half of the value of the property taken to the other sibling who shared in half of the estate per the will but that would be a different civil proceeding.